my final.

My purpose for this website is for the site users to be able to look throught Moschino’s newest collections, or gather any data they would want to know about Moschino. The aesthetic I was going for was for it to look very contemporary, modern, sleek and simplistic. The simplicity not only gives it a clean and modern feel but it also makes it very straightfoward and easy to navigate.

sketches are the previous comps made from the last post. I do not like to storyboard/draw out sketches. I rather start making comps to see how i can improve or make any changes to my design.

where am i? I am done and satisfied with my project.

where else can i go? i can most definitely further on my nagivation pages to go more in depth.

where have i been? Honestly…looking back and seeing from the beginning to now is a truly shocking experience…in a good way of course. Starting from the beginning was a little anxious for me because i didn’t know where or how the final look of this piece was going to be. Now that everything has been put together, it is pleasing for me to see the final thing because i feel like i have worked hard to get where i am at right now.



this is my mobile application that i have created. Some of my decisions in making this was for it to be simple and easy to use. Also I wanted it to be enjoyable for other people to use this application so there is one part i’ve added where people have the option to customize their choices of which clothing items they want to put together. 

mobile web


This assignment was particularly challenging because the mobile web is so limited to one specific quality of a website. In this, i made a simplified version of the moschino’s website and it’s most important asset which is shopping. I categorized the mobile site by shopping, news press and the store locator. The store locator lets the user look up the address to where the clothing item is located so they can just go pick it up in person if they are near by the area.

sitemap moschino

moschino: goals to make it sleek, slender, elegant, and sophisticated.

simplistic, make it easy for first time users to navigate easily.

target audience: mainly women.. but men also.

i was having trouble organizing my links!

why i chose moschino? I wanted to do something that i am interested in since we are going to be using the project till the end of the term. Therefore, I am really into fashion. Not only the clothes they produce but their branding identity through their clothes, logo, color scheme and everything else.

In working with this project, the designing part was easy but then working later in dreamweaver was a big challenge to me because I am totally unfamiliar with the program. However, the more i forced myself to work with it, the easier it became.

The audience definition of when they shop for Moschino is to see something that is eccentric but high fashion. Not tawdry. In this, I inserted the duck because it is random in a way but not really since it is their logo. The whole aesthetic of my project is to make it all clean and contemporary, however, with the duck in there, the audience could be thrown off guard but not in a displeasing way.

1. Where am I? FInished with the homepage and landing page. I think I have a pretty good start and I am content with my design choices from color, placement and type.

2.Where else can I go? Improving more of the eccentric quality by making the duck pop out.

3. Where have I been? Researching and everything else up to now.

week III


moma tween grid


moma tween link

Upon doing research on tween websites, I noticed that the design aesthetic of the webpages were separated by the gender differences. For example, it was rare to find a “coed” website that satisfies both the needs of a male and female tween. They were restricted into segregated genders. Overall, a pink background/feel for the girls and blue aesthetics for the boys.I wanted to break the boundaries of having to be confined to just one sex so for the first one, i used red because i felt like it was an …t.b.c.

week II


The concept i was going for was i wanted to find a way to have a grid based design, or have the same attributes a grid based design would have: like visual experience of organization, and familiarity. however, i did not want the strict rules of a grid so at the same time contradict the systematic grid base design by breaking the grid. In this, i took the Bauhaus movement which contains geometric shapes and is designed based on the grid but the text, and shapes on my design does not sit on a grid.moma website

here is another possible design solution that i came up with.

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